Creations Arena SEO Friendly Websites

Creations Arena is well-established as one of the top SEO companies in Sri Lanka. If you want your website to perform well in search engine results, we recommend that you come to Creations Arena, as our SEO friendly websites and comprehensive internet marketing campaigns are proven to offer fantastic results.

Using a range of online marketing techniques, we can improve the rankings of both websites we have built and external websites. Getting visitors onto your website is key to achieving a good return on investment, and we can help your site to become more visible within the search engines – giving your business a real boost.

Organic SEO

Organic search engine optimisation can help your website to rank in the free, “natural” section of the search results. At Creations Arena we specialise in building cost-effective SEO campaigns which are designed to work on a long term basis.

Why is organic search so important?

  • Organic search results are the most trusted and define you as an authority
  • 70% of searchers choose organic results over sponsored search results
  • Visitors that find your website through organic search engine listing will spend more time
  • Most of your customers use search engines to research services, products and brands
  • Organic search traffic has a higher conversion rate than other mediums

Pay Per Click, or PPC

Paid listings appear in the search results at the top and on the right hand side of the page. These can be purchased through Pay Per Click using a service such as Google Adwords, and can make your website appear almost instantaneously.

eCommerce Optimisation

When it comes to eCommerce, traffic equals sales, which is why we have developed our SEO services to include optimisation for online shops. Whatever your business is selling, we can help your website to receive more visits, and can also help you to convert these visits into sales.

SEO Consultancy Services

Our dedicated SEO team have extensive experience in all areas of search engine optimisation, from on-site optimisation to content marketing, social media and campaign management. We can tailor a campaign to suit your website and your business, which will in turn provide a great return on investment.

Paying for Search Engine Optimisation

There are endless business opportunities waiting for you online, so why not reach consumers who are searching or shopping on the internet by investing in our SEO services or one of our SEO friendly websites? SEO friendly web design is our area of expertise, so you can trust our team to provide you with a website which is ready for a successful online marketing campaign.